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Vigitherme Thermostats



Vigitherme are small thermostats with fixed adjustment. They provide a safeguard against any exagerated heating and regulate temperatures to within a few degrees.

In the Vigitherme, the thermostatic element consists of a bi-metallic disc in the shape of a spherical cap which has the property of suddenly flipping over at a fixed temperature.
The action of the apparatus at this temperature, which is determined during manufacture, remains invariable.
Benefits : the Vigitherme is pratically insensitive to shocks, accelerations or vibrations.
It is thus a quickacting thermostat which can never get out of order.

On all models of Vigitherme, contact can be opening or closing.
- Contact is opening when the circuit opens by temperature increase.

- Contact is closing when the circuit closes by temperature increase.

The Vigitherme is an extremely reliable instrument :
- put in identical conditions, it will always operate at the same temperature, within a few tenths of a degree. .

But because of its operating principle, it has an hysteresis :
- after activation, the temperature must drop by several degrees in order for the apparatus to return to its initial state.

The difference between activation temperature and restoration temperature can vary from four or five degrees to several dozen degrees.

The Vigitherme is manufactured and sold according to temperature range, but it is individually controlled thermally as well as electrically.


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